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You can make your dreams come true by making simple changes -

One step at a time
It’s easy to feel trapped and overwhelmed. It could be the way you feel about yourself deep inside, or it could be your circumstances – where you live and how you spend your precious lifetime.
Maybe you want to meet new people and spend time with others who also want to achieve more in their lives. Perhaps you have loved ones and want to help them to have a better life.

Juggling relationships, parenthood, career or business often leads to a poor lifestyle and neglected health.

Sooner or later,

There will be a price to pay…
Although it can be exhilarating to live in a different country, expat life adds to the pressure.
We are improving basic lifestyle habits and promoting extraordinary change just one small step at a time. Our themes are healthy eating, exercise, hydration, rejuvenating sleep and relaxation and healthy habits for self-care. Improvement in these areas leads to more self-confidence and self-esteem and a winner’s mentality.
It’s all about you! Long-term change has to start from the inside out. It’s about loving yourself so that you are better able to help your loved ones.

You can start your journey to discover yourself

and find the magic within you.
if you are wanting to make changes and work towards a better version of yourself then please let us cheerlead as you go, help you overcome obstacles and celebrate your wins.
We are part of a worldwide movement to inspire healthy living around the world.
Let us inspire you and help each other. Come in and find out!

Who we are?


Tracey Runciman

A retirement business wasn’t on Tracey’s agenda but he saw how much fun Cecilia was having and wanted to have some too. And who can blame him?


Managing a team to help others make happier, healthier lifestyle choices and earn an income at the same time. Interested? Book in a call. 

Cecilia Runciman

Cecilia discovered that being an expat meant that she had to adapt to other cultures. She found that her business and getting to know people was perfect for meeting new friends