My Story –

The Keys To Happiness


A Lifetime ago...


My husband and I took the decision to move with our family to Hamburg. We had a long list of reasons why we should go and an equally long list of reasons why we should stay in England. Going won! We became ex-patriats but were for the most part not in the ex-pat community.
My status changed completely. I was a foreigner and a woman in Germany – both criteria led to disadvantages – especially in the job market. Without really realizing it, I slipped into a life whereby I was losing my independence and certainly not finding my fulfillment. We needed my income. I am a teacher by profession but my qualifications were not recognized in Germany.

I Worked Where I could...


And joined the myriad of people who work for the money and know deep-down that they are spending their lives doing the wrong kind of work. Of course, I applied for other jobs. I could have decorated a wall with the rejection letters. I was either under- or over-qualified but never ‘right’.
Twenty-four years ago, a friend came round for a cup of tea.

Little did I know that the conversation


that afternoon would change my life and that of my family. She told me she was starting her own company in health and the prevention of illness. She had mentors who were helping her to set it up. I was so curious and excited to hear more!
I went to a company presentation and was absolutely thrilled with all I learned and with the people I met. I said, ‘Yes! I’m in!’. I took my seat on the most exciting, thrilling, rewarding roller-coaster.

Little Life really accelerated


Life really accelerated. I realized I had found my passion – to be able to help other people to improve their health and show them how they could earn money or even start a new career.

Why do I describe my journey as a roller-coaster?


It is the best description I know of the journey of life with all its ups and downs. It’s actually not just a roller-coaster. I took a seat on an emotional train and could ride many times in one day. I started to learn how to control my emotions – to be able to be pro-active rather than reacting to people and circumstances. This is one of the secrets of happiness. With my decision to start my business and improve my lifestyle, I took personal responsibility for my life and for my future decisions.
No longer would I blame my circumstances or past experiences for my situation. I started to realize that I can decide how I react to events, conversations, and disappointments.
I will always be grateful to my mentors who have helped me to develop a completely different mindset..

The first gift of independence is


to know that I can take responsibility for my life.
My first day seemed to be a disaster. The friends I spoke to were loud in their rejections. I just couldn’t understand their reactions. My emotions played havoc with me. One close friend had been quite insulting and I took this very personally. I was forced to re-examine my own decisions. I realized that I saw this as a huge chance not only for me but for many others. I had big dreams of success and a personal list of all that it would mean to me and my family.

I could achieve all of this by helping others.


Where was the problem? I decided no one was taking my dreams away. In fact, these friends had fueled my ambition. I wasn’t going to allow anyone to say, ‘I told you so!’. Later, I could feel thankful for this first day which almost stopped me in my tracks. Most people do all they can to avoid rejection. I started to learn how to deal with it and to realize that it is a normal part and a necessary part of business life. I started to move from the mindset of an employee and to develop the mindset and determination of an entrepreneur. The ability to be free of the opinions of others and to have confidence in my own abilities is another treasure for life.
Over time, I’ve also learned to be grateful for everything and that includes all the yes’s and all the no’s. Every conversation is an opportunity to learn more. Letters from delighted customers and the success of team members put everything into perspective. What can be better than having tools to improve people’s health and improve their finances?
Amongst the many people who said ‘no’ to my opportunity, there were people who said an enthusiastic ‘Yes!’ and people who shared my passion and ambition. We had such fun together building a big team.

With success came many rewards.


Twenty years ago my husband and I were amazed to find ourselves on a plane to America for the very first time. We had never visualized flying there. We have had fabulous times in America and all over Europe with our business – travelling with and to friends. All this time we were able to build a solid business which created a passive income. This made it possible for me to stop working and concentrate on building my business. A few years later my husband was also able to stop working. Our dreams were coming true. We could start to enjoy the freedom of decision and the really bi

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